We are a MHM print shop. We operate a 16/14 S-type Xtreme automatic press. 
Screen printing is an industry leading method in creating custom clothes and other merchandise. It is the process of layering ink over stencil, then pressed into the shirt. To  create more depth and color it is done over a series of screens with different portions of stencil on each screen. This process is done over and over until all color and elements of the design is inked onto the shirt. 


  • Color matching the ink allows for wide range of colors to be used for very specific color selection.
  • Longevity of the design and product
  • Ideal for creating shirts in bulk
  • Works great on both light and dark colored shirts 


Sike! There are none!
But Screen Printing can get pricy depending on how many shirts you want, the design chosen, and the design placement for the product.

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